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Какие виды сыров вы предпочитаете?
Мягкие сыры – сыры с мягкой пластичной, в меру плотной, слегка упругой до нежной, мажущейся, маслянистой консистенцией
Полутвердые сыры – с однородной, эластичной, пластичной консистенцией
Твердые сыры – сыры с ломкой, зернистой консистенцией
Копченые сыры – сыры с нежной, слегка упругой, в меру плотной консистенцией
Плавленые сыры - сыры с нежной, пластичной, мажущейся консистенцией


Dry milk products

Milk cheese whey powder

Milk cheese whey powder is made from pasteurized whey obtained during cheese making process by coagulation of proteins under the influence of milk-clotting fermented preparations, by thickening and subsequent removal of moisture by spray drying.

Milk cheese whey powder is used in the following industries: dairy industry, feed mill industry, meat industry, bakery and confectionery industries, fat and butter industry, and others.

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Milk whey protein concentrate with a protein mass fraction of 30%

Milk whey protein concentrate is produced by drying the mixture of pasteurized skimmed milk and whey on a spray drying installation.

Milk whey protein concentrate is used in the dairy, meat, food and bakery industry.

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Skimmed milk powder

Skimmed milk powder is produced from pasteurized skimmed cow's milk by removing moisture by condensation method and spray drying.

Skimmed milk powder is widely used in cooking, for example, as an additive to confectionery, as an ingredient for baking bread, condensed milk, yoghurt and even pasta which is considered dietary.

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Substitute of skimmed milk powder "ECOLAC 16C" for piglets

A dry milk product is intended for implementation at the feed industry enterprise and agricultural enterprises with the purpose of putting it into feed rations of farm animals. Product "Ecolac 16C" is manufactured by mixing the concentrate for producing skimmed milk substitute and dry whey.

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Technical acid casein

Casein – a product high in protein, made from unpasteurized skimmed cow's milk by coagulation of the protein contained in it, followed by treatment, washing, crushing and drying the curd, in a continuous manner on the thread-mechanized lines.

Technical casein is intended for special industries, where it is used as a primary or secondary technical raw material.

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